This site is dedicated to our earthly travels by tandem.....

Our Itinerary

6/3/05 Bon Voyage Party hosted by Anne & Bob Smith of Colorado Springs, CO

6/4/05 Fly to Boston to visit Aaron's father

6/11/05 Fly to Dublin and tour Ireland

7/4/05 Fly to London and tour England and Scotland

8/1/05 Fly to Geneva and tour Switzerland , Northern Italy and Southeastern France

10/1/05 Fly to Malta for a week of R&R. Aaron's parents plan to meet us there for the week

10/7/05 Fly to Vienna for a few days of sightseeing. Flights to Katmandu from Vienna through Star Alliance airline members only take place a couple of times per week

10/11/05 Fly to Katmandu . We'll store the tandem for two months. We have plans to trek the Annapurna Circuit (21 days), go to Tibet for 8 days, and then trek to Everest Base Camp (25 days)

12/9/05 Fly to Bali for another week of R&R

12/17/2005 Fly to Melbourne . Our intent is to cycle in the Melbourne region for a month including the Great Ocean Road and then take the second month to bike the Gold Coast route to Brisbane via Sydney . We have contacts in both Melbourne and Brisbane so we will send our bike cases and luggage to Brisbane .

2/22/06 Fly to Auckland and tour New Zealand 's North and South Islands for two months

4/29/06 Fly to Fiji …another week of R&R

5/7/06 Fly to Seattle . Our intent is to spend the next two plus months traveling Adventure Cycling's Northern Tier route across the United States . The official route ends in Bar Harbor Maine . Our goal is to end in Cape Cod Massachusetts , as this is where Aaron's father lives.


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