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Bob and Anne are our friends from Colorado Springs. They hosted our Bon Voyage Party. Bob is managing our web site. This photo was taken at Crater Lake, Oregon this past July during their Fourth Annual Reunion of their Tandem Trans America Group of 2001. Bob and Anne have been tandem cycling since 1986 and have cycle toured extensively. Their adventure web site is
Mick and Chris  They were the catalyst for our tour as we met them in Yellowstone National Park in 2002 when they were on their 3 year round the world tour.  We've stayed in contact since. Their friendship and warmth cannot adequately be put into words...not to mention we ate like royalty.
Andy and Anne:  Our first Warm Showers hosts (via their nephew Chris who was on a world tour of his own) who set the standard with great food and conversation.  Their location was ideal to walk or bike the city of Edinburgh.
Daniel:  A fun evening spent at a campground in Kinross Scotland sharing bike touring stories.  He already has plans for bike touring South America next summer so he won't be joining us as we travel across the states
David and Jenny:  Another secondary warm showers contact via their son Alastair who is 4 years into a round the world bike tour.  Check out  to see his site.  A wonderful evening of great food and talk of travel.  We were well fattened up by the time of our departure.
David and Judy:  A chance meeting with David in Oban Scotland while he was with friends on an End to End tour of Englandand and Scotland.  He and Jenny hosted us and took us to Heathrow airport.  How lucky can we get?
Fred and Brigitte:  Our Geneva hosts.  Proof positive that challenges with language (our lack of French and Brigitte4s limited English) does not have to prevent people from communicating and becoming good friends.
Fhillipe Cecile Julian and Sebastian  Mick and Chris set us up with this wonderful family as they had first met in New Zealand a decade or so ago.  We can only hope that the 8 of us can get together at some point in the future.
Greg and Fabienne:  Our friend Peter in Colorado Springs hooked us up with Greg as they met at a campground in Grand Canyon 13 years ago.  3 nights and days of pure fun.  Getting to go sailing while on bike tour.  How cool is that?
Annamarie:  We met Annamarie who was also on bike tour at a campsite in the Jura mountains at Lac de Joux.  She invited us to visit her at her home near Basel so we did.  This wonderful woman defines positive energy.

Viktor Pierina and Gian:  Aaron first met Pierina when she visited Gallaudet University in 1983.  It has been 16 years since he has seen them and Janet's first meeting.  We already can't wait till they visit us in Colorado.

Lars Finn and Gian: The three wonderful children of Viktor and Pierina
Once again we had a wonderful experience with our warm showers contacts in Hard Austria Marcus and Sonja.  Their two children Milan (3 and a half) and Mira (1 and a half) were great to play with.  The language barrier didn't seem to phase them.  While Marcus has yet to tour by bike, it is a goal of his.  He found the Warm Showers list while randomly searching the net and we were fortunate enough to be their first contacts.  Our small taste of Austria made us want for more.  Yet another place to return to.
We met Eberhard at our first Italian campsite and shared time together at dinner and breakfast.  He was touring alone and targeting his favorite Swiss passes.  We then met him almost a week later at another campsite after he had finished his tour and hooked up with his family.  Once again we shared mealtimes.  He had been caught in some of the torrential rains that caused extensive flooding in Switzerland which we were lucky enough to avoid.
Valter and Anna Paola hosted us in Carignano, about 15km from Turin .  As has been true with all of our Warm Showers hosts they were most gracious and accommodating.  Valter gave us a fantastic tour or the town late into the evening the first night of our stay.  His knowledge of local history was excellent.

We met Tina and Benoit last Winter when they showcased their wines at a wine tasting party in Colorado Springs.  We stayed in contact and they invited us into their home. We were lucky enough to help them with harvesting the grapes during our stay.  Their two boys Gabriel and Augustin are really energetic and fun.

Fred and Brigitte were our hosts near Geneva . They were amazing. When our wheel broke and we had to stay a full week instead of our planned 3 days they welcomed us in with open arms and lent us their bikes so we could enjoy the week more. They are planning their own round the world tour to start around 2011 and we have no doubt they will succeed.

We met Jean and her husband Mike on the train back to Vienna . They had just finished a week long bike tour. We hit it off and Jean took us hiking in France two days before we left. She also took us to the airport when we had some issues with our tickets. The help that these 3 wonderful people provided was incredible.

Helga hosted us during our time in Vienna.  She was the first Warm Showers contact to respond to our emails and enthusiastically welcomed us into her home.  Her passion is bicycle touring in Austrailia which she has done several times and no doubt will do as often as her vacation time allows!  She showed us the sights of the city, including a few culinary delights.  Our time in Vienna was fantastic due in large part to her hospitality.

Janet Rose is a longtime friend from Colorado Springs.  We were so fortunate that she helped us out by playing "sherpa" and bringing all of our clothes and equipment that we needed in Nepal.  She brought back more than she came with.  It was great to have her trekking with us for two months.  We met Luc on the Everest Base Camp trek and he joined us for the Annapurna trek.  He was a great addition to our group of three.  His interests include mountaineering, running, football (soccer), mountain biking etc.  No wonder he fit in so well.  We hope he joins us in October for our White Rim mountain bike trip.

We met Valerie and Dennis in Bali while they were on their honeymoon.  We enjoyed some wonderful meals together.  They live in Brisbane and we look forward to seeing them when we arrive there as that is the exit city for our time in Australia.

We met Phil in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe in July 2004.  We spent the evening talking about our travel experiences and knew that it was possible that we would be visiting Australia and Melbourne in the not too distant future.  We were so fortunate to have Phil pick us up at the airport and transport us and our huge luggage.  We plan to stay with them a few days at the end of our Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Grampians route before heading north. 

John responded immediately when we inquired about staying with them last spring as we were exploring Warm Showers contacts.  He and Marjorie were most helpful in connecting us with Grand Prix Cycles (who repaired our bike) and storing our wheel, books, etc. that we sent to them prior to our arrival.  It was great to meet them after so many months of email contact!

Our visit to Sydney had us reconnecting with Aaron's cousin Mike who hadn't seen each other in 14 years.   The reunion was exceptional and brought back wonderful memories of our families.  It was also our first opportunity to meet his wife Nancy and 8 year old daughter Barclay who instantly felt like family.  They moved to Sydney nearly 5 years ago as part of Mike's job relocation and they love it here.  Our visit made it easy to understand why.  There is no doubt we won't let 14 years slip by until we reconnect...hopefully both in Colorado and again in Sydney.

When we met Luke and Casey at a campground and they invited us to stay with Luke's dad and mum as we were going through their town a week later.  Nice of Luke to inflict us upon his folks!  We were well fed and well cared for.

Malcolm fixed our shifting woes at his bike shop and then invited us to stay with he and Kay for the night.  They too ride tandem and we shared stories throughout the evening about cycling.

Friends page: Pat and John were our neighbors at the campground in South West Rocks.  They kept our food cold in their caravan's refrig and then invited us to join them for dinner and breakfast.  Their caravan's sofa was a nice reprieve from our saddles.

We passed Jacqui and Chirstophe numerous times over a 3 week period as we all headed for Brisbane.  We stayed at the same campground in Byron Bay and shared two fantastic meals together.  It's always fun to share stories with fellow bike tourists who have paralled the same route as the experiences can be so similar yet so different.

Frank is a college mate of Aaron's cousin Mike.  We met Frank in Surfers paradise and he took us out to lunch.  His quick wit and sense of humor kept us engaged for a couple of hours before we had to move on and catch the train to Brisbane.

John, Eva and Sophia were our hosts in Auckland . Staying with them allowed us to take care of so many of our needs prior to starting off on our two-month journey in New Zealand . As a NZ native John was able to provide us with additional information about places to go, roads to use and not use etc. Thanks to cousin Mike for setting up this encounter.

We spent dinner and breakfast time in Whangamata with Esther and Harro from the Netherlands . Even though they had rented a cool van for their time in NZ instead of bringing their bikes we won't hold that against them! They are active cyclists and had ridden some of the same routes we have in France , Italy , and Switzerland so it made for fun story swapping over our meals.

Philip, Helen, Cullen Campbell, and Emma were our first NZ Warm Showers stay. Cullen gave up his room for the night, which was most gracious. A dusk drive with the 7 of us in the minivan in Touranga gave us a better feel for this pretty area than how we rode in and out of town.

We first met Stephan and Annina in Whakatane. Two days later we met them again in Te Kaha. A great young couple from Bern Switzerland who have done a wonderful job of adapting their holiday in NZ to meet both their own needs and the needs of their two and a half year old daughter Leah.

Napier was a great place for us to spend a few nights after a week of hard cycling along the East Cape . Our Warm Showers hosts Brian and Andrea welcomed us for “as long as we want to stay”. Our connections with them and positive feelings for the area had us stay a night longer than planned. This allowed us to take a great fall bike ride along rural roads as well as visit several wineries in the area.

We have known Norm for many years as he has been a longstanding member of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club.  He was also the one to advise us 5 years ago to stay at the backpacker lodges in New Zealand rather than take a tent and camp.  We heeded that advise then, but are using a combination now.  Our bumping into him and his sister Dawn at the Picton ferry terminal was quite surprising.  This is his 5th time traveling in New Zealand.  We wish him the best in his retirement from the Colorado Springs Fire Department and in his move to the northwest.  He is also a Warm Showers member so hopefully future travels will bring us to his new home and we can stay with him!

Matt is also a resident of Colorado Springs.  We met him in Renwick at the Watson's Way Backpackers.  On the day we left Renwick he passed us 40 kilometers into the days ride and gave us two "Random Acts of Kindness bananas".  He also offered to haul our panniers to our next destination but we reluctently declined.  We'll look forward to mountain biking with him in Palmer Park near his home.

Marian and Ross bought their Co-Motion tandem on E-Bay, picked it up in the states, and then became tandem riders for the first time as they rode Bicycle Oregon.  They've never looked back.  The were our hosts for one night and we wished we could have streached it to two so we all could have ridden together.  They have one of the most beautiful views from their backyard we've ever seen.  Hopefully a tour of Colorado is in their not too distant future plans.

We camped next to each other in Paraparaumu.  When we tried to post our "Nappies" box to Auckland the day after Easter the post was closed.  Bob and Jill were gracious enough to post it for us the next day.  Now we have even more friends to visit the next time we go to Melbourne.

Christine and Jimu were our Warm Showers hosts in Rosedale.  Jimu's wood craftmanship is stunning to the eye as seen in the picture of them by a rocking chair he built.  Christine not only fed us well but brought us into Nelson to have our bike serviced.  We really enjoyed talking with her about her bike tour across America and to both of them about their American and international travel experiences.  It was nice to hear about the positive experiences they had in America.

With only a day's notice Nelle welcomed us into her home and provided us with plenty of feijoa's, a native NZ fruit, upon our departure.  Unfortunately her husband Bruce was away in the states so we didn't get a chance to meet him.  We'll have to return for that and to hike Mt. Taranaki with both of them.

Phil and Angel are the parents of John, our host in Auckland.  It is wonderful how one connection leads to another.  It was great to meet more of John's family and learn about their New Zealand roots and Maori history.

Lisa and Verne have a quad tandem recumbent.  This is the most unique bike we have come across during our travels.  Our extra day with them due to rain allowed us to experience total relaxation with the combination of time in their hot tub and Verne's massages.

Andy: Aaron has known Andy for 20 some years. We have been fortunate to have opportunities to ski together, but not often enough. It was great that we were able to have a few hours during our lag time in Los Angeles. Hopefully we can reconnect during the 2007 ski season.

Barry and Marcia: Not enough can be said about Barry. He has taken care of everything we have asked for and more. It was so fantastic to see both Barry and Marcia in Seattle. As a person with limited sight, Marcia is an inspiration to many as she undertakes triathlons, ski adventures, etc.

Barbara and Dave: Barbara is Barry's twin sister. She and her husband Dave have helped us out several times over the years by picking us up at the Seattle airport and shuttling us to places north to start previous
bike tours. This time we got to know them better, and they have become great friends.

Marcia and Jack: A chance encounter in Concrete Washington while Marcia was walking her dog had us staying with them on our first full days ride as we started across America. Jack is presently the town's mayor. Staying in their RV was a treat. They also provided good information about the roads and route we would travel on the following days.

Scot: Our first American Warm Showers stay. It was too bad we didn't have the opportunity to spend more time together. Scot has done some extensive bike touring in previous years and more recently helped out with tsunami relief in Indonesia.

Phil and Sandy: One connection leads to another as Scot's friend Marie set us up to stay with Phil and Sandy. Phil is an avid rock climber and consequently their two adult sons are as well. Sandy made an excellent meal for us and Aaron borrowed her trike for a trip into town to buy some food. A hopeful return to see them and explore the area around Tonasket will be in our future.

Kiernan, Miriam, Connor, Heather: Miriam and the kids, who were on their bikes, saw us at the market and invited us to stay. They moved to Sandpoint Idaho in October from California and really enjoy the town. With the Pend Orelle Lake and the mountains close by, this area is an outdoor persons haven. We enjoyed an off day here and our ability to get to know this close family.

Mary: When we initially contacted Mary from New Zealand via email and she told us that she was 71 years old and had done a solo bike tour last year from her home in Wolf Point to Bar Harbor Maine and back we both felt a strong desire to meet this woman. She is amazingly energetic and fun to be around. She is exceptionally warm and open and her love of learning and exploration are amazing. Mary is currently researching a bike tour to Alaska for next summer and we are hopeful that we can be of help to her in this endeavor based on our experiences there in the summer of 2003. She is truly an inspiring person.

Larry, Karen, Lars & Maren - They were our Warm Showers hosts in Moorhead, Minnesota.  Larry BBQ'd the best burger we'd ever had, and the other meals we shared were no less wonderful.  (So much of bike touring comes down to food!)  Once again an immediate connection was made and we hope that when they visit other friends in Colorado that they stop by to visit us as well.

Gwen, Eric, and Charlie - Gwen was a social worker collegue and great friend of Janet's in Colorado Springs prior to moving to northern Minnesota several years ago.  What a treat to see her and the boys again and have an opportunity to spend quality time.

Chris, Linda, and Wyatt - Linda is one of Janet's best friends and was a bridesmaid in our wedding.  Our 3 days with them in St. Paul afforded us the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate at this midway point in our cross country trip. It had been several years since we'd seen Wyatt (as well as Gwen's kids Eric and Charlie) and it was fun to see how they had grown.

Rollie and Pam - While Rollie was mowing the school lawn he gave us directions to the city park.  A few minutes later he came by to check on us.  After telling Pam about us he drove back to the park and invited us to their house for the evening.  Pam is a school counselor so we had interesting conversations about school systems in Illinois and Colorado.  Another perfect example of people taking a chance on us and new friendships being born.

Martin and Edie - Given that Cleveland was our only place to have an extra day on the second half of our cross country trip we were very fortunate to be able to stay with Martin and Edie.  Their 15 or so bikes in their garage are testiment to their cycling dedication.  They commute to work by bike every day regardless of weather.  They showed us a side of Cleveland most people don't know about.  We left with incredibly favorable impressions of this city on the shores of Lake Erie.

Ron invited us to his house for a mid day break.  We were welcome to stay the night but we had miles to go that day so we had to decline.  A nice relaxing hour to regroup during a long days ride.

Jerry and Priscilla - We met at a campground our first night in upstate New York.  They were bike touring from Vermont to Ohio for a wedding. We shared dinner and bike touring stories throughout the evening along the shores of Lake Erie.

Rod and Anne Marie - This couple from Canberra, Australia invited us to sit with them as they had "morning tea".  We had missed going to Canberra when we were in Australia but now we have an even better reason to visit.  Because we were going in opposite directions along the Erie Canal path we were able to share information that proved helpful in our upcoming travels.

Bob passed us on his recumbent as we were on the trail approaching Rochester N.Y.  Almost immediately he invited us to his home, but we already had a Warm Showers stay set up for that night.  It turned out he lived close to Jarret and Barbara so he escorted us there via a side trip to a bike shop to get a new tire for our BOB trailer.

Jarret, Mary, Barbara, Irene, Daniel and James (not shown).  Jarret and James had done a cross country tour on their tandem a few years ago.  Barbara and Jarret were hosting a large family reunion the day after our arrival so Mary, James, Daniel, and Irene had flown in the day we arrived.  Although we only had about 15 hours together we found this to be a most wonderful family.  We wished we could have stayed another day to be able to attend the reunion as we felt like "family" by the time we left.

Maggie, Noah, Kent, and Jill (not shown).  Kent was the minister of our wedding.  He and Jill are long time friends of Janet's from when they lived together in Colorado Springs back in the mid 80's.  We had not seen them since our wedding 6 years ago and hopefully it won't be that long till we see each other again.

Pete, Burke, and Olivia - Pete is one of our best friends in Colorado Springs.  He was taking a summer cross country trip with his two kids and we were able to hook up for a couple of hours in Vermont.  The kids had certainly grown a lot since we last saw them 13 months ago.

Hulda and Larry - Pete set us up to stay with Hulda and Larry as they are long time friends from North Adams, Massachusetts.  Once again it was an immediate connection and we wished we'd had another day to spend with them.  Hopefully, because they don't live too far from Aaron's dad we will be able to hook up again in the not too distant future.

Scott, Isabelle, Nerissa, and Olivia - Aaron first met Scott years ago when they were both on bike tour in Colorado Springs.  Because they live so close to Aaron's dad we are able to see each other every summer.  Eric is due to be born in later August.  Scott met us at Quabban Resevoir in central Massachusetts and then rode with us the next day to his house.  He provided excellent route finding throughout our time in Massachusetts.

Irwin - Aaron's dad's house in Cape Cod was our final destination on our 13 month journey.  When we arrived Dad was waiting with great anticipation.  We went down to the lake, dipped the front wheel in the water and popped a bottle of Champagne.  It was an incredible feeling to have finished the trip by arriving here.

Michael and Kathy - Michael is Aaron's first cousin.  We had last seen them the day we left for Ireland and naturally it was great to see them again.  Much had happened for all of us over the last 13 months and it was great to have some catch-up time.

Marjorie and Gordon - Marjorie and Gordon are Aaron's sister and brother-in-law.  They came down to visit with their son (Aaron's nephew) Sam after we arrived in Cape Cod to celebrate the completion of our trip.  It made for a wonderful family reunion.  Sam's not in this picture because he was the photographer but he is in the next one.

Sam, Chico, and Reggie -  Sam has become quite the baseball player this year.  He's always had an incredible arm (with Chico and Reggie at the ready should Sam overthrow his intended target), but this is his first year in Little League.

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