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Bon Voyage Party - June 3, 2005

On Their Way

The party is over and our earthly travellers are off to visit Aaron's father and step-mother in the Boston area for a few days prior to their first stop in Dublin, Ireland. Aaron & Janet regret that could not invite everyone of their friends and acquaintances to their Bon Voyage Party. They thank everyone who attended and wish everyone the best. They welcom everyone to follow along on this web site as they make their way around the world.

The party lasted about four hours and everyone seemed to have a good time. Prior to them slipping away like newlyweds, we had them go downstairs for dessert and explain one last time why they were undertaking this journey. Had they been born hundreds of years ago, they may well have been explorers.

This adventure will present them with many chellenges little did they know the first would occur prior to leaving the Bon Voyage Party. At around 10:30pm they received a phone call that their early morning flight to Boston had been cancelled. After a couple calls to United Airlines they managed to get under way around 1:15pm on Saturday.

Please return to this site often to follow along as Aaron and Janet circle the earth over the next 14 months. Click here to view a few photos of the party.

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