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Janet and Aaron first met through the Colorado Springs Cycling Club in the early 1990's. A four-day mountain bike trip in Canyonlands National Park 's White Rim Trail in October 1996 began our partnership. Our love of travel and adventure have included a number of self-contained bike tours including: The San Juan Islands to San Francisco , Vermont , Banff to Jasper and back, New Zealand 's South Island, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks, and Alaska . Our passions also include backpacking/trekking, mountain biking, telemark skiing both in ski areas and in the backcountry, sea kayaking, and riding our tandem as much as possible.

For Aaron, the impetus for "a bike trip around the world" occurred when he did an 8 week self-contained bike tour in Europe in 1985. However, it was in Yellowstone National park in 2002 where we met a British couple who were two and a half years into a three year ‘round the world bike tour that formally planted the seed for us to undertake this kind of journey as a couple.

Since that time, but particularly over the past year, we have done extensive planning and research as to how to make this dream a reality. One of the first things we've learned is that doing an "around the world" bike tour in 14 months is a total misnomer. Thus, our website domain name is fairly presumptuous. That said, although this journey is scheduled to end in July 2006, it is our ongoing hope and desire to continue to tour the world via tandem and other means as opportunities present themselves. Our jobs in public education (Janet as a school social worker and Aaron as a school psychologist) allow for significant vacation time, particularly during the summer. We are both fortunate to have the support of our school districts and immediate supervisors to take a years leave of absence and return to our jobs.

Our Co-Motion Co-Pilot tandem has S&S couplers allowing us to pack the bike in two airline compatible suitcases. Therefore, instead of creating an itinerary that is point to point and then having to deal with the issue of transporting a tandem bicycle, our itinerary is more regional and circular. The intent is to fly into a city, build up the bike, store our luggage, ride in that area and return to that city. We'll then break down and pack the bike, and fly off to our next destination. We have made many contacts through the Warm Showers List. This has been a wonderful resource, and we greatly look forward to meeting fellow touring cyclists throughout our journey. So far we have places to stay in England, Scotland, Switzerland, Vienna, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and Auckland . Interestingly, several of our Warm Showers contacts are currently on their own world tour! Imbedded within our tour are opportunities to get off the bike to have some rest periods and alternative means of travel…primarily trekking. We have time-share exchanges in Malta and Bali prior to and after our trip to Nepal . We also hope to set up a time-share exchange in Fiji prior to returning to the U.S. and undertaking a cross-country tour.

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